Bring Us Into You

Father I pray you give each of us the same spirit that gave Daniel his courage. That when he was faced with death he opened his windows and prayed. Father let us be faithful servants who will not bow to the golden idol, even if it cost them their lives. Encourage us lord that we too would be willing to stand for the You Lord. Give us a boldness, a deep faith that comes with the understanding that even when all odds are against us that You will prevail. That We can place our full trust in You. Father do not let us waiver between faith and fear. Do not let us utter lies about your faithfulness. You are faithful. You are not a God that you can lie. Do not let us be like the Israelites coming out of Egypt that even after seeing the faithful hand of God deliver them, they feared at the sea. They questioned and they called into question your faithfulness. Father purify us that we will be a people to belong to you. That Your will is all we want and Your truth is all we speak. As many are breaking out of the grips of the enemies attacks let breakthrough pour forth and cause a quickening in our spirit. A steadfast boldness that we will not relent from. Father bless each of us with a clear knowledge of what You desire to come and show us how we can walk in Your ways and bring about what You want to happen on the earth. Amen.

Let us be a faithful people. When we are pressed and sifted. When a line is drawn in the sand. Let us chose the Lord. His ways. His statues. His truth- which is the ONLY truth. Do not relent. Do not be discouraged press towards the goal.

One thought on “Bring Us Into You

  1. Way to lead us into a concise attitude toward our God. You echo what Dutch Sheets say today in give him 15. We need a made up mind, a heart after God, just like you explain about Daniel. Holy Spirit help us all with your emphatic still small voice as we walk toward His ways and thoughts. Thank you for sharing this Janelle.


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