Freedom through the King

To grow up unto the Father is to put away the things of the world. The things of the world are like vines pulling us back down and restraining us to earth. The more we allow ourselves to entertain the world, the more we become entangled making us believe that we are growing, because in our deception we believe that the thickening vines are deep roots leading to water. We begin to operate from a worldly perspective, we begin to identify ourselves with the things of the world because in our bondage we mistake it for our identity. Over time we manipulate the Word to fit our new found ideology. With this clouded judgment we take the Word and use it for personal gain or a false doctrine, enslaving others to the same bondage. However, with each vine we allow the Lord to cut we are able to grow up that much more into the Father pursuing the perfected man. With this freedom we are able to take the Word as law not to be brought back into slavery, but as means of complete freedom; Christ as King. The perfected man is not something unattainable, in-fact it is the most attainable transformation when seeking the Kingdom. Just like a caterpillar must transform when living out its life, so will we transform when above all else we seek the Kingdom of God without the deception of bondage.