About The Road

Morning Thoughts

I’m so deeply thankful for the calm and still of the morning where I can just sit with the Father. As I surrender completely to Him, learning to welcome and submit to His will in my life, the Father reveals the deeper Truths of the Kingdom. While my morning time is limited, because of three wonderful gifts, it is never empty of truth. So, as I grab my cup of tea and sit with the Father, I invite you to join me in the revelation He pours out, as His true nature of a loving Father comforts and builds up the Sons of the Kingdom.

Kingdom Revelation

There is such glory in the Kingdom of God, such beauty, majesty, love, fulfillment, honor, perfection. It is a stunning place of purity that resides in each of us, a message of good news that is to be share with all, even to creation. The Kingdom of God is like many things but impossible to define in its entirety because it is without end and cannot be overcome. As the Father pours forth revelation of the Kingdom of God, the same message brought by His Son, mysteries are made known. As we begin to walk out a life submitted to the Fathers will the Kingdom comes manifest in us. What a time as this!


Marriage is a beautiful gift the Father uses to help us understand the relationship of Christ and His bride. While, many marriages don’t parallel the truth Christ has modeled for us, I know the desire for most is to have a healthy marriage. As I grow closer to the Father, putting away many attributes of flesh, I see myself being a better reflection of the Fathers love towards my spouse. Realizing that many of the problems we faced weren’t actually his fault, despite being convinced otherwise. As the Holy Spirit leads in truth, I see the Kingdom of God is inside of us, it is our responsibility to not blame our relationship/or lack thereof, on our spouse. But, to release them fully to the Father, uplifting them with our words, and loving them with our actions. Walking in the true form of love that is unconditional and not dependent upon their actions. As my husband and I embark on our sixth year of marriage I’m ecstatic to see where the Father takes us, and what deeper truths He revels.

Parent Life

Oh parenting! Talk about the quickening of the Holy Spirit to shed the flesh of the old man! The lessons of parenting are endless, the moment you might think you have it figured out, they begin a new stage of life, the parenting tactics used before are now of no effect. Sometimes it is hard to make a household work if two different parenting styles are applied, and yet, what two people are exactly alike. Parenting is most effective when we do it the Fathers way, where parents are a united front of both love and guidance. While my husband and I are far from having it all figured out, each year there is drastic improvement as we walk out what we feel the Father has put on our hearts. While seeing eye to eye with my spouse on every issue just doesn’t happen, our end desire and goal is the same, to raise Sons and Daughters of the Kingdom. It is here in our mutual desire that we try and tackle parenting problems with the understanding that we each love our children unconditionally.


“Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God.”
Colossians 3:16