A Mother’s Love

As we surrounded her, completely encompassing, praying that the Lord would bring her back from death… I saw His glory. I saw His goodness. I saw His love.

My mother did not come back from death. Cancer took her. It stole my mother from me. It pains me to write that and my soul aches. I mourn her. Every bit of who she was… to so many. She had a way about her, she had a way with people. She loved them. All of them. She never met a stranger and she wasn’t easily offended. She helped my family grow a heart for the homeless and participated in every outreach the kids would imagine up.

She was a woman of prayer and faith. But she was humble. So utterly humble. When she served she didn’t let one hand know what the other was doing. She would get down low with people so each one of them would feel loved. She took time to connect with people. Time she sometimes didn’t have but would give it anyway. She changed the world. And I most likely don’t know the half of what she did. Perhaps I never will.

I wanted the Lord to bring her back. Oh how badly I wanted the Lord to bring her back. I prayed and read scripture over her body. We all did. Every single one of us. We did until they came and took her body. We followed her out still believing. My father even told them that if the Lord raised her on the way, just to bring her back to the house. We would be waiting. People from all over the world were praying for my mother. Yet she still passed.

My mom, oh my mother was a mama bear. She prayed and many, MANY, miracles happened because of her prayers. Because of her faith. Death retreated. Sickness vanished. Mental health restored. There is not an area of my life that is not saturated in her prayers. When I was lost and questioning my own faith as an adult and mother, I was held up by her prayers. Her talks. Her own commitment to motherhood.

There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that she would be healed or raised from the dead. But, that didn’t happen. She died of the disease she had faith she would be healed from. A disease I hate.

Yet, peace. A peace that was, and still is, so intimately tangible it filled me. My mothers death brought a huge healing into my family. Bonds were restored and we all watched as each of us spoke life over her. We wept together. We sang together. We spoke the Lord’s Prayer together. We were in unity. Complete unity. Have you ever been in complete unity with every person surrounding you? What a glimpse of goodness. Of the things to come.

My mother was a glue that held so much of our family. She did more than any one of us could. She did it more than any one of us realized. Her shoes won’t be filled. Not by any one person anyway.

Thankfully in my mourning Something unexpected happened. A fire raged deep within each of us. Every single person that humbled themselves at the side of her bed and prayed for her life. We will no longer be a family so easily broken. Nor a people. We will never be the same. We want it all. Every single ounce the Lord has for us. We want it for each other.

I’m so thankful for the Lords loving kindness and grace through this tragic pain. A life gone too soon. I’m thankful that the Lord is willing to take all the broken I bring Him and mold it into something that will serve His kingdom. I’m thankful that her legacy will live on in different ways through her children and her grandchildren. Her grandchildren will know the stalk they come from. The deep faith that has paved a way. Her life will live on. Many more of her prayers answered. The love that she poured out and planted will bloom into more than we can fathom. Because that’s just how the Lord works. He is that good.

This is to you mom. A life lived out fully and completely surrendered to God. No. Matter. What. We will hold each other up. All your children call you blessed!

To the first writing I’ve ever posted that she didn’t read first.

Be in peace mom. I love you always.


Who are we? As a nation? A community? A church? A body? As individuals? What morals and values define us? Does the language and words of our mouths reflect the nature of the Father or have we become a people that cannot be separated from the world?

Much has happened in America in 2020. A year prophesied to be a year of vision has left church doors closed, America divided, and many feeling empty. Did so many forerunners get the truth wrong? Did so many miss the voice of the Lord?

Simple. No. And yes. When times got hard some gave up and recanted what they said, others have pressed forward into the upward call of the Lord. They have dug down deep and said they will stand, why? The Father has said so. It was not the forerunners who did not hear, but the body as a whole. Where is the body with deep roots to living water? We are like sheep scattered. We don’t know who to believe nor what to believe- fear is our ruler. We have no faith of our own because we have no Perosnal relationship with the Father. How did a body who were filled with the Spirit on the day of Pentecost become so divided and full of fear? Simple- not all of us who claim to be in the body are of the Spirit of Christ.

The church in the United States is luke warm. Enter in on Sunday and you will not tell its people apart from the worldly culture. There are exceptions to this of course, but as a whole we enjoy the watered down gospel, not even wanting the milk let alone the meat. We no longer hear loudly the horrid demonic nature of abortions nor the condemning of them. The church sits back quietly while millions of babies are murdered. We no longer hear the Father- The Creator- designer of marriage- chose one man and one woman and that THIS is the model that the Lord has declared to be the family. The world says that God has no opinion on homosexuality- and the church? It’s silent on the matter. It wants to be “welcoming” to all. But at what cost? The silent church is walking people to hell and the grave because it presents a Jesus who has no power and corrects no sin. When this happens it erases the need for Him at all. If all is okay, then why did He come? Why did He lay down His life? We do not see parents unified with their church telling the schools, you will not teach my children they are genderless! You will not teach my children homosexual sex and sex education in grade school let alone at all. You will not open them up to the demonic oppression that you desire. Not my kids, BECAUSE AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE WE WILL SERVE THE LORD. Jesus longs to see His bride walk in righteousness and wholeness. Don’t you understand it does not matter what your opinions are on these issues- because compete understanding belongs to the Lord. We with our little knowledge know nothing in comparison and it is our obligation to come under the rule and authority of Christ.

I cannot press upon you enough that now is the time to purify yourselves. Now is the time to be bold and stand firm in what the Lords says. YES you will be hated for it. You will lose friends; you may lose family- BUT WE CHURCH- have set a standard. We are the ones that have been calling good evil and evil good as we remain in the fear of man through the bonds of political correctness. We must repent and press in, we must become bold once more. We must not speak our opinions, because opinions belong to the flesh. It should not sway us what any political leader, celebrity, or anyone says about these “political” issues. The Lord should have final authority on our lives.

And I know many will say- “what about all the other issues of sin that happen in the church!?”

Simple. We aren’t silent about those. Are we pure towards them? Not at all. We accept them. But we aren’t silent. Many churches and many members of the body are afraid. The fear of man is more than the fear of God within them. Why? They don’t know the fear of God. They don’t know His statues. We are a generation of people who are dying spiritually because of a lack of knowledge. We must know what the Father says about the problems at hand. We must not rely on our own understanding, when we rely on our own knowledge we walk in darkness. We have people who desire to have ministry and the corrupt language that comes out of their mouth doesn’t even convict them anymore. The truth spoken by the Father, by the Son, and by the Spirit are not their foundation and pillars. They are not a people set apart.

“Therefore, having these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.” II Corinthians‬ ‭7:1‬ ‭

Let us pray Psalm 51:10, Father create in us a pure heart and renew within us a steadfast Spirit.

We need to see the times we are in, we are to be pressing into the promise land, the Father is beginning to separate those who believe from those who do not. We are being called to sanctify ourselves because the Lord is moving. “And Joshua said to the people’ “sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders amount you.” Joshua 3:5

In this hour, as the spirit of Jezebel is slaughtering our prophets, let us all rise up to be Elijahs- let us not be a people who don’t know which way to turn. But let us be of ONE SPIRIT- and that is the Spirit of Christ. History repeats itself, the corruption and the world is returning to the days of Noah and the days or Sodom and Gomorrah. To when the world fears Jezebel more than they feared the Lord. Sacrificing their children and condemning their prophets. Wanting to serve the god of ba’al because it was the god of flesh. We fall away when we don’t know the statues of the Lord.

Who then, will you be? Will you be a people who rise up and speak truth? A people who bring others to repentance and into the family of Christ because of bold truth? Or will you be a people who walk others to the grave because you have become the world and the words of the Father are not in you?

Our glorious Father who is reigning in Heaven, how HOLY is Your name! Father we pray Your kingdom come and Your will be done, on this earth as it is in Heaven. Take care of our daily needs and forgive us and this nation for the silence and corruption that we have allowed and even participated in. Give us a heart for those who have wronged us and an encouragement to be a forgiving people. Father, expose the desires that live within us so that we may not fall into temptation. Father deliver us this day against all the demonic attacks not only against us personally, but the body, and this nation. Because you are the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory FORVER. AMEN!

The Word of God should be our ruling force. Not our own man made opinions, not political correctness, nothing but the Words of the Father. For He alone can decide and dictate the laws of the world according to His statues. For He ALONE is HOLY and there is NO wickedness in Him.

Rise up my friends! Be the light on the hill. Be a light so bright and full of LOVE that others are convicted of their sins and SEE THEIR NEED FOR JESUS CHRIST THE SAVIOR. When the church is not pure the world does not long for purity because they believe they are living justly. When the Church becomes the world and no longer a set apart people, sin ravages and rules a nation. People long for what they do not know and turn to sin to fill that void because we are afraid of man. Let us usher in a wave of the Lord, let us say that with Christ you can rule over sin and not be a slave. Love is the opposite of political correctness, is it speaking truth so that others might be saved- EVEN IF IT COSTS YOU EVERYTHING.


Let us be bold and be a people set on the Fathers statues. Let us be brave enough to answer- Because the Father has said.

Be Diligently Committed

“But the natural man does not recieve the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolish to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. But he who is spiritual judges all things, yet he himself is rightly judged by no one. For “who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct him?” But we have the mind of Christ.” 1 Corinthians 2:14-16

Sisters and Brothers we must be SPIRITUALLY discerning with the mind of Christ. There is such rampant lack of discernment among the body of Christ, there should be no division when it comes to concrete biblical answers that the Lord has already provided us. We should not be being swayed by the media, by those with demonic agendas, nor should we be giving way to political correctness when it is destroying the church.

Right now the Lord is calling us to prepare for the battle of Jerico. We have a huge city ahead of us, one that is fortified on each and every side, the only way to conquer this city is from super natural forces. Joshua is continually telling the people to prepare themselves and to sanctify themselves. So how do we prepare for the battle that is taking place where it seems the demonic forces and the forces of flesh are prevailing?

We need to be walking in the armor of God!

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness,and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace; above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God; praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints— Ephesians 6:10-16

PRAYING ALWAYS! This should be our everyday, let alone, this hour. As we see many Christians are standing together in prayer daily for this nation.






Please read Joshua 6: 1-27 (I wanted to post here but felt it would be too long)

God is calling us to obedience. He is calling us to pray, fast, and show up for this nation and what this election represents. We are being called to march around Jericho, EVEN WHEN IN THE NATUAL IT MAKES NO SENSE. Do not forget sisters and brothers it is US who calls Heaven to Earth for the King. We are to partner with the Lord because we are faithful to do what the Father has called us to do!

Now is the time, let us prepare ourselves. Let us show up and do what the Lord has called each one of His believers to do! To pray for the Lord’s will and to FOLLOW the Lord’s will in our own lives. Just as Joshua said “shout for the Lord has given you this city.” Let us hear- SHOUT FOR THE LORD HAS GIVEN YOU THIS NATION! The Father has already said that when we humble ourselves and we call out for forgiveness He will heal our land. When are obedient to what Lord has called of us, we encourage others to step into their promise and their inheritance. Let us each sow seeds of faith and encouragement, not seeds of doubt.

We need to realize that this fight and desire for obedience is not about any one election or any particular candidate. NO! It is far greater than any one man or any one political party. This is about the future of freedom and deaths of millions of children.

We need to be wise against the attacks of the enemy and be diligent to not fall into any snare. He oppresses, distresses, persecutes, blasphemes, magnifies himself, calls those things that are evil good and good evil. THIS IS HAPPENING.

Sean Feucht is labeled a law breaker and his accounts are constantly prohibited or “shadow banned”. The hastag “letusworhsip” has been removed because it is unlawful. BUT hundreds can gather in the streets including certain mayors to celebrate the media labeled President elect. Even though states are still counting votes, states will have recounts, and court cases have been filed because of the fraud. Other hashtags like “savethechildren” and “Helpthechildren” have been removed from media webpages. This hashtags helps bring attention to human trafficking? Biological facts about men and women, our unique abilities as men and women cannot even be spoken without being called oppressive, being labeled a bigot and uneducated, and called a liar who is full of hatred.

This is the hour that the people who are of the Father must rise and say enough. We see certain polical candidates being paraded as heartfelt people who love children. These same candidates have voted against the born alive act, an act that would help those who are born alive during an abortion receive medical care. Church how could we have gotten to a point where we would even need such a bill? A bill to protect a child that is alive being murdered? Easy. Polical correctness and silence.

So now begs the question- Will you still be silent? Each of us will have to answer the Father about our compliance in the death of millions of children. But my prayer is that through repentance, not just confessing BUT MAKING THE WRONG RIGHT, we can see the mercy of the Father upon the United States again. This isn’t about which candidate wins this election, this is about whether we stand for the fraud and lies. Will we allow the church to disapprove?


You are calling each and everyone of us in this season to pray. I ask Father that Holy Spirit cover the United State, that He will bring around conviction in each heart. I pray that each person responds to this conviction. That the weight of their deeds will not let up until justice and truth prevail. I pray for forgives Father on behalf of this Nation, for being complicent and silent while millions of babies were lead to slaughter and the church remained silent. While laws were past that secured the place of the wicked and made your unfailing truth lawless. Please grant each of us boldness to stand strong and proclaim the truth with unwavering obedience. Amen

Arise, Declare the Victory of Lord!

The Earth belongs to the Lord

The trumpets are calling, they are being blown louder and louder- calling each and every son and daughter, “It’s time to arise.” The Earth belongs to the Lord, all that is within it is His.

Now is the time sons and daughters- adorn yourselves in the armor of the Spirit. Are you not the temple of the Spirit? Are you cleansed? Put away your idols; the trumpet of the Lord is calling- terry no longer- arise. “Arise!” shouts the messengers of the Lord, the time has come, be silent no longer, arise and speak truth. The earth is yearning. The earth is the Lords. Let it be known who you serve, let it be known what is required to enter the kingdom. The gates are open and the world cries out for it has no understanding.

Arise sons and daughters. Do not light your lamp and put it under a basket. Let your light shine before man. Put away fear; the Lord is calling us into the water. He is asking, “Will you trust me to come? Will you answer my call?” The time of the Lord is here. He is calling the ushering in of Heaven to Earth.

I see a harvest the Lord has been preparing. I see His people coming together, uniting from all areas of the World. Singing the praises of the Father. Unafraid for they know the Lord is with them. They are calling for change. They are calling for justice. They are calling for truth. They are all gathered together under the Lord. They sing His praises continuously. The world around them burns but within His wings they are kept safe. They are storming the territories of the enemy; they are breaking areas that have been used as footholds and turned into a stronghold for the devil. These places will be brought before the Lord and they will turn from the corruption and they will say, “Look the Lord is faithful. He is truth”.

The veil will be removed and they will walk in light.

The enemy is preparing for victory, but the Lord says they shall not win. Be strong Sons and Daughters! The Lord is fighting this battle and we must stand in faith. We must stand in light. We must rebuke evil. Be of good courage, this battle is the Lords. As the enemy celebrates, the Father has been moving and operating. He has been raising up his sons and daughters. He has been molding them teaching them to respond to His voice only. They are powerful and passionate people who want only to exalt the name of the Lord.

Arise. Shine. Stand in faith. Be of courage. The Earth belongs to the Lord. Declare the victory of the Lord!!!

Road to Courageous [updated]

A word for 2020

Before I begin, I find it beautiful that the Lord has spoken these truths, as the Day of Atonement is at hand. As people all over the globe humble themselves before the Lord for Yom Kippur to repent and seek repentance for themselves. Let us not forget that it was for the nation that the priest would enter the holy of Holies. We have found our atonement in Christ and are sealed forever with the Holy Spirit. But are we as followers of Christ doing what we are called or have we been silent?

I have been in reflection over this past year. So much has happened, so many wonderful joyous moments, along with fear and joy.

Twenty Nineteen was a huge year for my family and I, a year that will define each of us in different ways, but define us nonetheless. Any moment can be defining let alone a whole year, it doesn’t have to be a moment of pain or even this huge moment of joy. It can simply be.. a moment.

Coming out of Twenty Nineteen into Twenty Twenty, I know the Lord did a work in so many of us. A work that would come to harvest this year. Truthfully what we go through, each and every experience shapes us. So in this way, every moment has the opportunity to completely shift the trajectory of our lives.

As we have seen thus far Twenty Twenty looks as though it’s been a year of demonic victory. At every turn it seems that that demonic forces are running rampant, and having their way. However, the Lord has said

“The Earth is mine, as the enemy celebrates know that I have been moving. I have been bring up a people that will listen to my voice and my voice alone. I have not abandoned the United States. But my people within this nation must arise. They must start protecting the vulnerable. They must start protecting the children. The people who are called by my voice must humble themselves. They must turn from their wicked ways of silence. Do more than put aside your idols. Destroy them. Put away fear. Fear will destroy all I want to accomplish. Fear will be the beginning of pain for this nation. So arise with courage a heed my voice.”

Sons and Daughters, in this season we must put away fear. Fear should have no place among the people of the Lord. We cannot and should not operate out of fear- fear will always mean a victory for the enemy. We must humble ourselves and seek the voice of the Lord and the Lord only. During this time we should be lead by the Holy Spirit, We should not be fooled or blinded in this time. The Lord has called each of us to be the light in the world. Right now the world remains in darkness. We need the body of Christ to arise and be what it is supposed to be. I encourage each of us to be calling on the name of the Lord and be praying for our nation. Praying for the children that we have not protected because of our silence. If we as the people of the Lord want to honor the Father we must protect the children.

Father I pray for courage for the body- for the church. Not the building but the people who house the spirit who raised Christ from the dead. That this spirit would transform each and everyone of us to become brave and courageous individuals. As we turn our heart towards you, we will walk without fear. Moving and operating at the instruction of Your voice only. I ask that we not be swayed or deceived. But empower each of us to stand firm and respond to the call that is being proclaimed. We rebuke the spirit of fear as it has no place among the people of the Lord. We do more than cast away our idols we burn them and allow them to rule us no more! Father transform us into the salt and light and put us on a hill so that we can glorify your holy name. In Jesus name!

Remember that the Father rules. He is enthroned. His kingdom shall go from glory to glory. It is paramount that we guard ourselves from fear. Today we must go into intercession for this nation and our own families! The enemy wants both destroyed. We must be diligent and keep watch.

The Earth belongs to the Lord

The trumpets are calling , they are being blown louder and louder- calling each and every son and daughter- it is time to arise. The Earth belongs to the Lord, all that is within it is His.

Now is the time sons and daughter- adorn yourselves in the armor of the Spirit. For your body is a temple and you have been made new. Put away your idols the trumpet calls- terry no longer- arise. Arise shouts the messengers of the Lord, the time has come, be silent no longer, arise and speak truth. The earth is yearning. The earth is the Lords. Let it be known who you serve, let it be known what is required to enter the kingdom, the gates are open and the world cries out for it has no understanding.

Arise sons and daughter. Do not light your lamp and put it under a basket. Let your light shine before man. Put away fear, the Lord is calling us into the water, He is asking “will you trust Me to Come? Will You answer my call?”

I see a harvest the Lord has been preparing. I see His people coming together uniting from all areas of the World. Singing the praises of the Father. Unafraid for they know the He is with them. They are calling for change. They are calling for justice. They are calling for truth. They are all gathered together under the Lord. They sing His praises continuously. The world around them burns but within His wings they are kept safe. They are storming the territories of the enemy, they are breaking areas that have been used as footholds and turned into a stronghold for the devil. These places will be brought before the Father and they will turn from the corruption and will shout, “Look the Lord is faithful! He is truth!”

The veil will be removed and they will walk in light.

The enemy is preparing for victory, but the Father says they shall not win. Be strong Sons and Daughters the Lord is fighting this battle, we must stand in faith. We must be praying. We must be proclaiming the victory of the Lord. As we must rebuke evil remain in good courage this battle has been won. As the enemy celebrates, the Father has been moving and raising a generation. He has been calling up his sons and daughters, molding them and teaching them to respond to His voice alone. They are powerful passionate people who want only to exalt the name of the Lord.

Twenty Twenty is the road to courageous.

Where Do You Stand?

As I enter into the throne room the closer I move towards the Father the more He begins to purify. As He calls me up, calling me higher, He asks me, how deep is your Faith? How deep are the roots? Is your faith steadfast? Do you want all that I have to show you? Then I want everything. Every part of who you, every thought you have, every word you speak, every action, every movement. Every scar, every pain, every lie, every embarrassment, every ridicule. I want everything. I want all your belief. I want all your hope. I want all your faith. Do you believe that I Am?

I Am. I Am Life. Do you believe? Are you willing to leave everything before me now? To go out a new creature? Leaving behind the unbelief of yesterday. The pain. The anger. The chains. Will you break them? Will you rise? My Sons are rising. They hear Me calling, will you forsake everything? Will you do more than leave behind the old man? Will you crucify him in all his workings of flesh?

A line has been drawn. The battle raging. There is no half believing. You either believe My Words or you do not. Either I Am Truth, or I Am not. Either I Am the Living Water, or I am not. I must flow, allow me to flow through you, or I will have to spit you out. Will you be nothing, will you be emptied, so that I may fill you?

Will you be what I have called you to be? Will you walk in the works I have set aside for you? Will you do only what I tell you to do? Will you say only what you have heard Me say? Will you be only about your Father’s business? The time is now. I want complete surrender. I want complete devotion. I want everything. Allow me to prepare you. Allow me to equip you. For I Am. And I, I Am Yours my Sons. Do you believe Me? For the hour is at hand.

Rise Up

Often times, the Father will call us to do something beyond our own ability in the moment. We can respond in flesh and explain why we can not do it, or, we can respond in Spirit and walk in faith. Sometimes we are qualified because of our journey and other times our willingness to obey the voice of The Father, despite our own inability, is what qualifies us. The Father can make ready in a day what He desires to do tomorrow, on the other side of that same coin, He can make ready through a life time of journeying what He wants to accomplish in 50 years. As Sons we will find ourselves in both of these, so we need to be ready and respond when He call us upward, and we need to preserve when He calls us to keep our path straight.

The world has this push for “surviving”, everywhere you look, tv shows, memes, t-shirts, car stickers, it’s about surviving. From parenthood to life in general we are supposed to be doing more than surviving. Yes we will have battles and yes we will have trials, yes we will face tribulation and persecution. But we are to be entering into each of these with the knowledge that we are triumphant. So many of us had a season where when we faced hardship, we resorted to being babes in Christ. We began to question in doubt what the Father was trying to build in faith. If you are still questioning, you do not understand who you are. If you know who you are, than you understand you are His. You value the death of the old man, for you merely lost and life but you gained a kingdom.

So let us then, push forward into this new season. Let us draw a line in the sand, that we will not waiver but stand firm in the word of God.

Who I am is found in You

There is nothing that compares to my quality time with the Father. To take refuge under His protection, to be filled with His peace, to weep at His feet, to be exalted by Him, to be humbled before Him, to fellowship with Him, to be in His presence. Nothing. Nothing can compare to my sacred time with my Father.

This is where my identity can be found, my purpose understood, my heart revealed, and my spirit quickened. This place with the Father, is my rock. It is where I run when I fail, where I come when I succeed, where I am unveiled, raw, and bare. The place where I decided that my life of flesh is a life I wanted to lose, so I could gain the life that the newness of Christ had in store for me.

This place, is a place that the enemy would never see you come, and the flesh of the old man cannot enter. It is a place of purity and reality without the veils the world erects. This place, my personal time, my sacred secret place, is one that is infinite. The more I grow and mature the deeper I’m taken into the fullness of His presence. He unveils Himself to the limit in which I can bare. We must encourage each other to seek this individual relationship, this intimacy with the Father. We must put to death the belief of unworthiness, unshackle the chains of guilt, and be made new. When we fall into the sins of flesh, we don’t run after the freedom of the Father. It is the time we have with Him that will transform each of us.

The Prayer of Flesh V. The Prayer of Spirit

Galatians 5:17

“For the flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh; and these are contrary to one another, so that you do not do the things that you wish.”

There is a profound difference in Prayer occurring, the Father is asking, what is influencing our prayers. He is asking, “If your eyes are always on Me, and you only speak and do what I have said, then what am I calling you to say.?”

When we pray from the circumstances of our problems or predicaments, they are not of Spirit. If we pray because of what we are seeing than our prayers are not of Spirit. Only when we pray what the Father is calling us to say will our prayers be Spirit. So what then does it mean when we pray from a position other than Spirit? It means that we are speaking flesh and inviting it to rule over us. Because we have placed the value of our prayer in the natural and wonder why the super natural isn’t taking place. When we pray from a position other than Spirit we are exalting ourselves and our words and our minds above that of the Father.

So what then, in this season of trial, crucifixion of flesh, temptation, etc.? Our eyes should remain focused on the Father. He knows what we need before we have need of it. Therefore, our prayers of the Spirit will prepare us for the future. We can not pray from a position of flesh while seated In the heavenly places of the saints. Our Father is continually calling us upward, let us only speak what the Father commands and let us only do what the Father has done.

Guard your mouth for life and death flow from it.

Morning Thoughts 6/06

Simple Truths

As we awaken to the glory of the Father this morning, simple truths will never again leave us. We will no longer look for the Father in anything seen, thinking it will reveal who He is, for we understand that He is the CREATOR of all. That nothing seen can reveal His ultimate and intimate glory. That only He, can reveal Himself. That just as a painting doesn’t begin to tell the story of an artist, the whole universe and beyond doesn’t even begin to tip the iceberg of our Father. That as we remain in the gates of the Kingdom, that as we manifest and bring that Kingdom to earth, that while others are looking for Jesus in the clouds to return we know that He has returned within us, that He has appointed and commissioned the elect to be the revelation of the Father. Remain humble, forsake self, do not be moved by what you see, begin to usher in the truth even as it goes against the natural. Rebuke lies directly and put to death the flesh that has caused them. Arise Sons. Now is the time.

Morning Thoughts 6/05