A Mother’s Reminder

Sometimes the time in a day is infinite. The temper tantrums seem endless. Listening is nonexistent. Patience… running thin. Every single thing that could go wrong, is going wrong; pee on the floor, plate of food spilled, a glass broken, a bleeding cut, a headache, and eyes full of tears.

But sweet mama. What you don’t see in this moment of too much- is this; today will never happen again. You won’t realize how much today meant to you until all that is left is pictures to relive the memories.

One day you will laugh that your toddler felt peeing anywhere but the toilet was the “quickest way”. That him getting the potty chair stuck on his head and you being scared. Was well worth the memory. That the dreaded walk to the sink as you rush because your child throws her dishes in- because she is just a rough one- will make you tear up. Because now she does the dishes perfectly and is entirely way too grown up.

There is a day that will come where it will be the last time they crawl up into your lap when they first wake. That you will no longer be the first thought they have. And you won’t catch it. You will never know what morning will be the last time you get to squeeze their little bodies. Because days are full.

There will be a day that comes where your kisses won’t make their “owies” better. But you will never know what kiss will be the last. Because days are full.

A day where they don’t need you to walk to the library desk, because they are too big for that. They don’t need you right by them for bravery. You won’t know which walk will be the last time they need you. Because days are full.

Sometimes mama. It seems they will never learn. But I promise. They will. And they will learn faster than you thought. And you will miss it. Because days are full.

So through the tears of today. Hold them a little tighter. Have a little more patience with them. Smile a little more. And remember you will never have this exact moment again. You only get one shot at today. Just Incase this is the last morning you snuggle them, kiss their owies away, walk with them for bravery or clean up the food spilled-snuggle them well, kiss those “owies” with love, walk hand in hand, and clean up the mess with a smile.

Because, one day sweet mama. The days will be quiet. There will be no rough playing. No slamming doors. No saying inside voice. Calm down. Shut the the door. Clean up the toys… Just a quiet house. In those moments we will pull out pictures and wish just for a moment we could go back to what we thought was chaos- because that chaos- was a beautiful life being lived.

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